History of Omicron Tau Chapter
Omicron Tau was initially founded in 1966 at Alma College. However, sometime during the 1970's the chapter disbanded. In approximately 1999, a small group started to form once again. The effort grew during the 2001-2002 school year, as our chapter gained interest group and petitioning group status. At the time, we were a small group of about 10. In 2002, things began to truly come together as we started our own new member program, and put together the final pieces required to re-gain our charter.
external image rechartering.jpg

Rechartering Ceremony in 2002

In the summer of 2002, our charter was sent and we heard back in the Fall that we were officially going to become an Alpha Phi Omega chapter once again. At this time, our chapter had about 15 active members. Our Big Brother chapter, Epsilon Beta, from Central Michigan came down to our Chartering Ceremony on October 13, 2002. At this time we connected with Jim Chandler, a member of the group that first founded Omicron Tau in 1966, and we were once again reconnected with our roots.

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Rechartering Members

Following our chartering ceremony, we stepped up our programs and recruiting, and watched as we grew to a group of over 35 members in one year. We went to Nationals in New Orleans, and attended meetings at Central Michigan in order to being to develop new member programs and meeting procedures. We were pleasantly rewarded and began to realize just how much our campus might be impacted from this group.

After our first full year as a chapter, we began to take on annual projects including the campus involvement in the Lansing Area AIDS Network annual AIDS Walk, a Spring Carnival, and campus programming. Our group's goal was to start to make the campus and community aware of issues, and become involved in making a positive impact.