EC MembersWho to contact when you have a question
President: Denise Elowsky

Vice President of Membership: Mary Polacsek

  • Associate Status
  • Leadership Requirement

Vice President of Service: Brandie Samuel
  • APO Service Events

Vice President of Fellowship: Dave Betchold
  • Fellowship Projects

Recording Secretary: Rachel Reigle
  • Absences, attendance

Treasurer/ Student Congress Representative: Sam Roberson
  • Dues
  • Reimbursements
  • Student Congress Concerns

New Member Coordinator: Hannah Ropp
  • Coordinates new member activities

Public Relations/ Historian: Anja VerHoeven
  • Photos book

Corresponding Secretary: Amanda Carlson
  • Alumni Newsletter

Scouting Coordinator/Service Chair: Jamie McAruther
  • Arranges service with local scouts
  • Informs chapter of service opportunities

Sergeant at Arms: Alex Montoye
  • Maintains bylaws and order in meetings